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Alison Excels in Technology Studies

Wednesday, 21/11/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Northpine Year 12 student Alison Powell has been excelling in Technology Studies, producing a VHA10 through consistent application and passion for design. Her ability to empathise and design products for people less fortunate deserves recognition. She details the specifics of her project below:

“The task required us to design a product for someone with a disability to allow them to improve their quality of life. I selected people who are in wheel chairs who have difficulty accessing overhead cupboards in the kitchen. I designed a wheel system similar to a Ferris wheel that had rotating cupboards which come down to an accessible height to the user when a button is pressed. The cupboards suspended on the wheel were designed to store plates and other utensils. Technology studies is a great subject that immerses you in real life problems and allows you to explore innovative design solutions.”

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