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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Qualifying Camp

Thursday, 30/11/2017 Posted by: Marketing
Gold D of E students at Fraser Island

Four of our Northpine students went to Fraser Island for their Qualifying Expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Award from 24-27 November. This expedition was organised by the students who chose the area they wanted to walk and did much of the planning.

This was a 4 day expedition exploring the World Heritage area of the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island. We swam in the crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie and enjoyed the fine white sand on our feet. We visited Lake Wabby and Basin Lake  and enjoyed  its warm cooling water after a hot day of walking. A variety of landscapes were seen, from lush rainforests with fresh water streams surrounded by King Ferns and palms to dry eucalyptus forests. At Pile Valley we stood beneath the towering Satinay Trees which were up to 5 meters in circumference and wondered how just sand could support such huge giants. After this there was a hike to the ocean and tea cooked on the beach. Then the rain bucketed down making the walk back to camp an interesting one.

The finish was the resort of Kingfisher Bay where we caught  a ferry back to the mainland.  The atmosphere of the resort was such a contrast to the seclusion and peacefulness of our walk and camping sites. Carrying a full pack for four days is not always easy and there were some blisters and sore muscles by the end of the trip.

Congratulations to the group for finishing the expedition and for your positive attitude. All the best as you GO FOR GOLD.

Thank you to my volunteer helper Miss Tiffanie Turnbull, a Gold Awardee graduate from our college.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is open to any young person from 14 years and it challenges students to develop in a holistic way. For more information, please see  Mr Wilson or check out the link below to the Duke of Edinburgh Award on the school start page.

-Mr Colin Wilson, Maths/Chemistry/Duke of Edinburgh