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Challenge Programs


Northpine Christian College understands that adolescence is a time of great change and with it comes unique issues and opportunities. Young adolescents in the middle years’ experience a range of significant physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and moral changes. Apart from the first five years of life, at no other time does the capacity and functioning of the brain undergo such an overhaul. This affects the learning ability of young adolescents and their success in managing the emotional, social and moral challenges of this stage. Disengagement, alienation and boredom in school often peak in the middle years.

Our commitment at Northpine Christian College focus on the productive engagement of young people in schooling and other contexts which lead us to develop our unique Challenge Program. At our College, middle schooling is an intentional approach to teaching and learning that is responsive and appropriate to the full range of needs, interests and achievements of middle years students in formal and informal schooling contexts.


The Philosophy of “Challenge – The Next Step” is to assist in the further development of respect, resilience and responsibility. It is intentionally aimed at Year 9 students in their development through a changing and challenging time of their lives. We believe that we cannot grow without challenges and through them we learn. The program is year-long, gender specific and Bible-based one that aims to walk students through a year of developmental awareness to equip them with the characteristics that are needed to not only survive in this world, but to make a positive contribution. It encourages the role of mentors as extra guidance in the life of each student.

Through challenges, discussion and reflection growth occurs. As teachers and parents it is important to be intentional about developing young people into adults of the future.