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Stormforce 2018

Monday, 12/03/2018 Posted by: Marketing

The Primary School is using 2018 as a year to model and practise serving others through a new program called “Stormforce”. During this year, we intentionally teaching children that serving others can not only be a great help to people in need, but can also assist in teaching others about God’s character through their actions. Each term will focus on serving a specific community, starting small with our primary school community while children grasp the concept of service. We will then expand our service plans to help our wider community by the end of the year.

During chapel earlier this term, students were given a yellow “Stormforce” envelope containing two service challenges. Classes were then able to select one or both challenges to complete. Students reflected on their service experiences in the middle of the term, before being presented with a new challenge. The children will then reflect on this new challenge and what they have learnt about service at the end of the term.

We wish our Primary School students all the best and pray that they bless our community and shine for Jesus through their service!

-Kristin Hankins, Junior School Co-ordinator and Year 6 Teacher