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Year 8 Camp 2018

Monday, 05/03/2018 Posted by: Marketing

On 13-16 February, the Year 8 students experienced their year-level camp to Emu Gully, which is a Christian Adventure Camp where students are challenged by activities that are based on the Anzac theme. Activities varied from wading through waist-high mud to scrambling through caves and narrow tunnels. We also ran a talent night where some of the students were able to showcase their talents to the group who both supported and encouraged them. Here is what some of the students had to say about camp:

“This year we got to experience Year 8 camp at Emu Gully and it was amazing. The activities we went through were not for someone with a lack of determination and at this camp you couldn’t be scared about getting dirty. The mud activity was one of my personal favourites at camp. The camp was there to shed some light on the Anzacs and what they really did for us as a nation. The activities were great and the instructors were even better. They really helped you remember the key points: Mateship, Sacrifice, Endurance and Courage. When they saw people really putting in their all they would acknowledge it and make sure you knew that you really did do your best. The camp was very entertaining, and I don’t think I can even remember a dull moment at any point in time. Overall, it was one of the best moments of my life.”Gabby, 8C

“An activity that I enjoyed at camp would probably be the tunnels. I liked it because I like exploring new places and I also like to see people triumph over their fears. And in my group, no one was left behind. We all helped each other out. It changed me because I was able to see what people could do when they need some encouragement. Some people there were really claustrophobic, but when we all got in there and encouraged them, they gained self-confidence and were able to keep on going till they got to the end. I also enjoyed being able to help people.”Ethan, 8B

“Year 8 Camp was a blast and a great way to bond with my peers. After doing many activities involving trust, I learned that we can even trust the boys! My team was called CHARLIE, and let’s face it, we were the best. We decided that CHARLIE stands for Courageous, Helpful, Active, Respectful, Loving, Integrity, and Encouraging, which is what we aspired to be in all the activities.”Sarah, 8A