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2021 Next GEN Global Leadership Summit

Tuesday, 17/08/2021 Posted by: Tammy Howse

Earlier this term Darling Downs Christian School, Noosa Christian College, and Northpine Christian College partnered with the Global Leadership Network Australia to conduct NEXT GEN GLS at Northpine. NEXT GEN GLS is a leadership training day specifically designed for secondary Students. Approximately 70 young people from the 3 schools attended, ready to learn and develop leadership and discipleship skills.

One of the core values of Chaplaincy at Northpine is to develop true disciples of Jesus. By the time a student has graduated from Year 12, we strive to ensure they have had the opportunity to meet Jesus, make a decision to follow Him in a saving relationship, develop discipleship skills to share Jesus through actions and words, and had opportunities to put these values into practice. Northpine endeavours to give every student an opportunity to be prepared and experienced to change the world one life at a time.

The different schools who attended the NEXT GEN GLS day were able to follow up in different ways. For 20 of the Northpine students, this follow up involved boarding a bus and spending a couple of days at Camp Somerset, for what was titled “World Changers Leadership Camp.” During the weekend students were able to process and reaffirm what they had learnt, further developing their discipleship abilities. This was the next step from the Week of Worship held earlier in the year with a similar theme “World Changers.” This theme has been inspired by Pr Nick Kross from the SPD Youth Department.

A comment from one of the senior students at Northpine, Brooke Howard, demonstrates how much joy it brings when we are able to team up with God, work through His power and see the possibilities of change amongst people we touch.

“Our world changers leadership camp was so so good. I loved connecting with people that I don’t talk to very often and getting to know more about them. I also really liked how we were able to expand on what we heard on Friday and talk about how that is relevant to our school and how we can apply what we have learnt. I really think this [has] definitely made an impact on everyone who was there, and I really hope that we can follow through with all that we planned. Thank you again [to the chaplaincy team] for making this camp happen. It was so so good and eye opening to the possibilities of what we can do at Northpine, so a HUGE thank you …”

We pray these students will not sit back and wait for “the next program” to arrive or for someone to offer them a “better Christian experience”, but instead choose to step up and be leaders in their communities. We hope that they continue to reach out to God daily, seeking opportunities to be “World Changers” changing one life at a time.

Pr Neil Redman – Chaplain