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Acting Against Bullying Program

Monday, 19/06/2017 Posted by: Marketing

Students learn to counteract bullyingOn Thursday the 15th of June, the Year 7 and 8 Challenge students ran an Acting Against Bullying Program with the Year 6A students that incorporated a theatre style called Forum Theatre, developed by Augusto Boal. This program involves teaching students about bullying, its different types, stages and the roles in a bullying situation. The Challenge students had created 4 performances where bullying was taking place and performed them in front of the Year 6A students. They then replayed each of the performances, but this time, the Year 6 students were given the power to STOP the performance when they felt motivated to replace one of the characters in the play, and resolve the situation.

The Year 6A students had a great time and walked away feeling confident to help resolve real life bully situations in future, by using the strategies they learnt in the program. The Challenge students felt happy that they were able to make a difference through this exciting program.

-Cindy Sykes, Drama Teacher

Students learn to counteract bullying through acting