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Adventure Race

Thursday, 15/10/2020 Posted by: Tammy Howse

The adventure race has been run and completed for 2020. A huge congratulations to all students involved in the event this year. There was great participation from the students in Years 7-11 and the few Year 12 students who took part had a great last sporting event in their school journey. The event involved finding 10 checkpoints, across 4 categories: Run, Ride, Swim and Paddle. At various run checkpoints, students had to complete an activity or challenge to earn the checkpoint mark.

Congratulations to Moreton for winning this year’s event. It has been a while since Moreton has won a sports carnival, but this year, they pulled it off through excellent participation, particularly in the individual categories. The celebration for Moreton was enormous, and the Moreton team and students should be really proud in pulling off such a narrow victory. Well done.

Clayton Richardson – HOD Sport

Final points:

1st Place – Moreton – 560 points

2nd Place – Stradbroke – 555 points

3rd Place – Fraser – 545 points

Congratulations to our 41 individual participants. You will all receive your medallions in the coming assemblies.  Here are the top three:

Year 7/8 Girls:

1st – Matilda R (48.45mins)

2nd – Tiana B (53.10mins)

3rd – Tahlia R (54.30mins)

Year 7/8 Boys:

1st – Ryan W (35.53mins)

2nd – Zaine V (36.47mins)

3rd – Jaryd H (45.50mins)

Year 9/10 Girls:

1st – Alex F (49.10mins)

Year 9/10 Boys:

1st – Kalon T (30.10mins)

2nd – Hayden H (37.20mins)

3rd – Kaleb C (40.40mins)

Year 11/12 Girls:

1st – Amy W (47.50mins)

Year 11/12 Boys:

1st – Jaxon T (40.02mins)

2nd – Austin Y (41.01mins)

3rd – Taran V (41.02mins)

Congratulations to the 20 other individual participants who also completed the course. A great effort to earn points for your house!