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Chaplain’s Chat – Week of Worship 2018

Monday, 19/03/2018 Posted by: Marketing

WOW … A Week to Remember

On 25 February – 2 March, Northpine held their annual Week of Worship (aka WOW), focusing on the theme of ‘Equip’ and delving into how one can equip themselves with God. Chaplains, Simo and Neil, spent many hours preparing the stage to resemble a construction site with scaffolding and a ute tray to add to the effect. The biggest difference between WOW 2018 and WOW in previous years, was who the speakers were and their experiences. This year, 11 brave middle and senior school Northpine students were invited to share their testimonies and a message on the topic ‘Equip’. This was by far the difference that made WOW 2018 one to always remember! It was amazing to see students, of a similar age and life experience, gathering the courage to share their passion for Jesus in front of their peers! The students shared helpful strategies and advice on how to create and build a relationship with God, how to grow to live authentically in Him, how to take up every intended opportunity and how to make it happen and share God into the real world.

To start the week off with a bang we, Arielle and Grace, awarded badges to the newly selected student chaplains – congratulating them on their new position. The program would continue onto a small segment, “Lunch Break”, hosted by Sarah and Jack for the seniors and, and Sarah and Grady for the middle school. In this segment, the student chaplains were invited up on stage and competed in a quick round of speed trivia, along with a “Nail Off”! Congrats to the Year 10 student who achieved the fastest time of under 10 seconds!

An important part of Week of Worship is the music! This year, we were blessed to have so many talented musicians willing to dedicate themselves to making the worship the best it could be! A big thank-you to all those on the music team – your hard work and passion definitely inspire us! Although on the first day, many students were reasonably quiet, as the week continued, God really made His presence known as more and more students engaged in worship.

During WOW, students were challenged to step out in faith and take the next step in developing their relationship with Jesus. The response to this was incredible!! 108 students signed up for Bible Studies and 119 students declared that they want to continue to grow their relationship with God. Not only that, but 36 students took a true leap of faith by wanting to learn more about baptism. This has really inspired us, as we are super excited to see the students of Northpine grow their own personal relationships with God, as well as supporting each other through this journey.

A MASSIVE thank-you to all the students and speakers who volunteered their time to making Week of Worship amazing! We really appreciate your involvement and passion to serve others and cannot wait for all the exciting things to happen in the coming terms!

Chelsea McCormack, a Year 11 student believed “WOW was so incredibly inspiring and opens up many opportunities to strengthen and grow your relationship with God.”

-Arielle & Grace, Spiritual Prefects