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Dancing Role at Disneyland

Thursday, 30/08/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Renee Savrda, Year 10, auditioned for a dancing role in Disneyland Paris on 21 July. She was competing for a spot with over 400 other girls, and at the end of the day made it into the top 10, who then auditioned again the next day. When all was over, she was approved for a role with Disneyland Paris for the year 2021! She will appear in dance shows, parades and other forms of entertainment in Disneyland. It is a paid job with a 6-12 month contract.

Renee has been dancing since she was three years old. She trains in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and hip hop. She has received honours and distinctions in all of these genres. She has trained every afternoon after school until 9pm, while still managing to juggle her school work as well. Renee is in the “performance team” with her dance school and competes frequently against other dance schools all over Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Renee is currently working towards a Certificate III in Dance with the Australian Dance Institute. Northpine would like to congratulate her on her many accomplishments and wish her luck at Disneyland!

Renee Savrda