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Living Better – Any Day Highlights

Wednesday, 06/02/2019 Posted by: Marketing

A Wellbeing and Resilience Values Program initiative for Prep to Year 6 Students in 2019

Focus for Week 2:  Any Day Highlights

Highlights are blessings.  These are things that make us feel good and happy.  It can be big things that happen or small and simple things you do or notice on any day.  Big highlights might be a birthday, Christmas or a special day out.  Simple highlights are simple joys and are around us every day.

We need to focus on the blessings in our lives.  Phil 4:8 reminds us of these.  We need to remind our children that they are so blessed!  Statistics in November 2018 reported that if you have more than US$4,210 you are in the top 50% of the world’s wealthiest.  You are in the top 10% if you have US$83,170.  Individually and as a nation we are very blessed.  Discuss this with your children and consider seeing if there is a way you could help someone less fortunate.