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Living Better — Focus for Week 4: Kindness

Thursday, 16/05/2019 Posted by: Marketing

A Wellbeing and Resilience Values Program initiative for Prep to Year 6 Students in 2019

In our lives, all of us experience a wide variety of emotions, positive as well as negative. Circumstances, life events, thoughts and even ‘self talk’ can influence how we feel.

This week, in the younger grades, the students will learn that it is important to be kind to ourselves because God made us special. They will practise speaking kindly to themselves and use confident body language. After reading the book “I Am Special” by Max Lucado, the students will learn that God rejoices over us with singing.

Students in Years 3 and 4 will discover that it is important to say kind things to themselves. They will learn about ‘self talk’ and brainstorm words, phrases, or pictures that help them feel happy and positive. The students will then discover how positive ‘self talk’ can help to manage sad feelings. They will be encouraged to remember that they are God’s children and that God always cares about them.   Speaking kindly to ourselves and others is uplifting.

Students in Years 5 and 6 will explore both positive and negative emotions. They will learn that no one can force others to feel a certain way and that there are practical strategies we can all use to look after our emotional health. The students talk about which adults they can turn to if negative emotions do not go away and they will learn that we are all God’s special children.  God loves us and we are supremely valuable to Him no matter how we feel.

At home this week, take the time to brainstorm as a family and identify some positive words or phrases to use as ‘self talk’. Encourage each other to be kind and understanding this week, lifting one another up in our talk and actions.