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Living Better – Happy Highlights

Tuesday, 12/02/2019 Posted by: Marketing

A Wellbeing and Resilience Values Program initiative for Prep to Year 6 Students in 2019

Focus for Week 3:  Happy Highlights

Highlights are positive experiences. We can all find highlights or blessings in every day—happy, positive things that are around us or in ourselves or others. It is important to take the time to enjoy highlights in the present moment, when we are experiencing them, and we can also remember highlights that happened in the past. We can also anticipate or look forward to highlights that are coming up in the future. Highlights or blessings—past, present or future—are a source of joy for everyone!

This week we are asking children to think about a goal they really want to achieve – something they really want to do or experience; something they know would be a really special highlight in their lives. This could be a goal for next week, next year or even years from now.

Children will be asked to write these goals down because when they visualise some of the detail relating to their goal/s they are more likely they are to put in place the necessary action or steps to achieve that goal. Having goals and dreams gives us something to look forward to. God wants us to be happy and fulfilled achieving our goals and dreams. Jeremiah 29: 11 – 13 reminds us that God has a wonderful plan for our lives and that we need to seek Him and ask Him to help us achieve the goals He has for us.

This week – Speak to your children and help them set and achieve their goal/s.