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Ms Page Earns Lead Teacher Cert

Friday, 02/08/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Ms Aimee Page, Head of Department (Music and Arts) for Northpine Christian College, recently received her Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher certification from Independent Schools Queensland.

In order to achieve this certification, Ms Page said, “It involved me putting together a lengthy, annotated portfolio of my teaching practice which was assessed against the Professional Standards for Teachers at the Lead Teacher career stage, and ISQ conducted an observation of my teaching, interviewing me—as well as my colleagues and school administrators”.

According to Independent Schools Queensland, Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher certification “provides a way for outstanding Queensland independent school teachers to be recognised for their expertise and their impact on colleagues and students”. Lead teachers are skilled in mentoring other teachers and share their experiences, teaching to “inspire colleagues to improve their own professional practice”.

Northpine is blessed to employ Ms Page and we congratulate her on her accomplishment!