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New Aquarium in Science Lab

Monday, 25/03/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Mr Sandro Bastos, Science Teacher in the High School, has established an aquarium in Room 27. He said, “I like the idea of having a nice aquarium to refer to in science lessons. The kids absolutely love it and at the end of the class many like to ‘float’ past to say hello to their favourites.” The tank currently has several different species of African Cichlids, including three Electric Yellows, three Electric Blues, three Dragon’s Blood, four Albino Blueberry Peacock and two Saulosi.

All the fish as well as the tank were acquired from local Gumtree ads. During the last few weeks, students have participated in competitions in Mr Bastos’ Maths and Science classes. Students who came in first were awarded with the opportunity to name a fish. On the wall behind the fish tank is a profile of each fish’s name and information about their respective species.

New Aquarium Fish in Aquarium Fish in Aquarium New Aquarium