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Northpine Kids “Tidy Up” for Charity

Monday, 09/09/2019 Posted by: Marketing

During the week of 26-30 August, the Primary School completed their Stormforce service project for the term. Children were challenged to spend time with a family member, tidying up an area of their house and choosing a few items to give away to others. These things were brought into school to donate to charity organisations such as the Salvation Army, the RSPCA and to those in need in Papua New Guinea.

Year 6 student volunteers and members of our Chaplaincy Team helped with collecting and organising the donations during our Infant and Junior Chapel programs last Thursday, which were then delivered in the following days. Representatives from each charity were extremely grateful for the donations made and expressed their appreciation for the generosity of our primary school students.

While this project occurs just once in our school term, it is a timely reminder that as we ‘spring clean’, we can set a good example for our children in serving others and giving away the things we do not need.

Donations to RSPCA