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Parents and Friends Association Vegepods

Tuesday, 26/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

The High School Science Department is excited about the delivery of six new Vegepods, thanks to the financial support and organisation of the P&F Committee. Gardens create …

Year 8 Students Climb, Abseil Mt Ngungun

Monday, 25/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Just last week the students of our Year 8 Outdoor Education class at Northpine Christian College were able to climb and take a leap of faith off …

Childcare Centre Sustainability Award

Friday, 22/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

One of the Northpine Childcare Centre’s goals for the last five years has been to concentrate on sustainability. Thank you to Mrs Louise. She has done an …

Digital Technologies Coding to Serve Others

Thursday, 21/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Students in Year 8 Digital Technologies have been coding with a difference. Each group of students was challenged with the task of researching a need of an …

Student Ration Challenge for Refugees

Wednesday, 20/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

As you sit down to dinner tonight, spare a thought for some hungry students. Thirty students, parents and teachers are taking part in the Ration Challenge this …

Year 7 Social Media Incursion

Monday, 18/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Lucy, the enthusiastic presenter for the Digital Thumbprint Program, visited the Year 7 classes on Friday 1 June and chatted with the students about a topic close …