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Outdoor Education on Noosa River

Thursday, 23/11/2017 Posted by: Marketing

Sixteen lucky Year 9 students explored the waterways of Noosa’s Cooloola area for Mr Dever’s Outdoor Education class on Thursday and Friday, 9-10 November. They launched canoes and kayaks from Harry’s Hut, a historic bushman’s lodge, and paddled three kilometres down the Noosa River to their campsite.

Along the way, students enjoyed rope-swinging into the river from an overhanging squiggly gum and shared their knowledge about key species of the area. After setting up camp, they trekked to the Cooloola Sandpatch, a stunning ancient geological formation, and enjoyed sliding down its sand-dunes.

Strong winds made the final paddle on Friday an achievable challenge, as students tested their upper body strength against the current. Students relished the opportunity to develop perseverance, as attested by Austin Younger: “You’d reach the end of one river bend and think you were at the end, only to see another section and realise there were still two kilometres left on the water!”

When asked for highlights, student Jermaine McKain said, “Sitting at the top of the sandpatch, looking at the view and sliding down the dunes was amazing. It was beautiful up there.”

The class has learned about both canoeing and vital First Aid skills during their semester in Outdoor Education.

-Claudia Houstoun, English/Bible/Challenge Teacher

Student jumps from tree on Noosa River Noosa River Kayak on the Noosa River View from the Cooloola Sandpatch