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Rugby Union Standout

Monday, 06/08/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Malakai with his Rugby jerseyFor many years Malakai Ormond, Year 10, has been training in the background and putting a lot of hard work into his Rugby Union. This hard work is starting to pay off and Malakai has had some great opportunities and results this year. He was an integral part of the Brisbane representative side for rugby and played a three day championship tournament during the last holiday break. His team only lost one game and they came third with Malakai being a standout performer for his team.

Malakai was then chosen for the Qld Rugby City team, which played against the Qld Rugby Country team as the curtain game for The Reds at Suncorp Stadium on Friday 13 July. Once again Malakai played a big part in his team winning this match, which is the first time in six years that they have done so.

We want to acknowledge Malakai on his outstanding performance and encourage him with his future direction in sporting excellence. Well done Malakai!