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Academic Success Peer Mentoring Program

Learn. Share. Grow.

ASPM Motto

Each Wednesday afternoon from 3:15pm – 5:00pm, Mrs Davies as well as former high achieving NCC students lead an initiative called Academic Success Peer Mentoring Program.

This is a dedicated time during which any student in Years 7-12 can come to Room 17 and receive guidance and help from as their high achieving peers as well as attending teachers, if necessary; the purpose for this is to improve students’ learning gain and results in assessments and strengthen their learning habits.

The initiative began in 2013, funded by Independent Schools Queensland as part of their Teachers as Researchers project. Data produced by this action research has been carefully collected and analysed, and it proved that learning from or with high achieving peers creates a self and collaborative atmosphere in which students who struggle receive guidance and help to improve, and high achieving students build even more on their success, develop communication skills and become highly independent learners.

Students learn from their colleagues who have been or are going through similar challenges, receiving useful and practical tips, using friendly language and debating solutions and plans.

Snacks, colourful and comfortable learning spaces as well as learning walks have also contributed to the success of the program.

In 2015, 100% of the Year 12 mentors involved in this academic mentoring project obtained very high achievement (VHA) in the subjects for which they mentored regularly as well as the best results in English since 2010.

Student Testimonials for ASPM

Academic Mentoring is a really rewarding experience, for both the mentor and 'mentee', because it promotes teamwork and 'shared success', and most importantly, because it actually produces clear results.

Tiffanie Turnbull, Year 12 ASPM Team Leader

Academic Peer Mentoring has not only dramatically helped in improving my English grade, but has helped in my overall knowledge and confidence in English and other subjects. The environment is really great to work in; you are constantly interacting with like-minded students who understand and are in the same or similar school situations as yourself.

Hannah Brockhurst, Year 12 Mentee

Academic Peer mentoring has provided me with a procrastination free zone, a place where I can focus on assignments with like-minded students. Not only has the program boosted my grade but it has also improved my time management skills, resulting in no last minute assessments.

Victoria George, Year 12 Mentee

Academic Peer Mentoring is an innovative and individualistic way for students to teach and encourage others in a variety of different subjects. As a Mentor, I find myself learning new things, even as I am teaching them. Peer Mentoring takes little to no time, yet makes a profound difference in areas such as quality of work, work ethics, motivation and assignment development. I would really encourage students to get involved and participate in what is fast becoming a most valuable asset to the school.

Bronwyn Bradley, Year 12 Mentor

Academic Success Peer Mentoring is one of the most rewarding experiences of my schooling career, it is more than a tutoring session with a teacher or receiving comments written on a draft, it has afforded me the opportunity to grow in my own knowledge and skills and equip other students with the same knowledge and skills that will allow them to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Erin Lowe, Year 12 Mentor