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High Achieving Program

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Henry David Thoreau

The analysis of NAPLAN and QCS results as well as that of the seen and unseen written exams conducted at Northpine Christian College have revealed that students (particularly those in Years 10-12) need more support with improving their writing skills for exam conditions.

Offering students help in this area becomes even more important at this stage, given the introduction of the final unseen written assessment for all QCE general study areas.  The following aspects of writing have been identified as in need of immediate and significant attention:

  • Use of planning in exam conditions before writing an essay
  • Ability to formulate a central idea/thesis and respond to unseen stimulus effectively
  • Knowledge of vocabulary specific to each key learning area (jargon)
  • Text and sentence structure
  • Cohesion and coherence in answers: logical and progressive connection between ideas and main points as well as between key parts of the text produced
  • Knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules

Under the circumstances, Mrs Gabriela Davies, Leading Learning Coordinator, has decided to offer expert-guided and supervised preparatory sessions every Thursday during Terms 1-4, in Room 20, from 3.15 until 4.00 pm; these sessions will specifically focus on improving writing in exam conditions, but they are highly relevant to all written assessments, seen or unseen. Mrs. Davies will be supported in delivering these sessions by Mr M. Cooke, new Senior English teacher, as well as Mr. T. Sheppard, NCC Academic Coordinator. These writing workshops will start Thursday, 14th February 2019 and finish Thursday, 21st November 2019, and they will be offered to students in Year 7-12 as per attached 2019 HAS Program.

2019 HAS Program


Our High Achieving Students program at Northpine Christian College places importance on identifying, nurturing, challenging and recognising every child’s potential and skills. Both students and parents feel valued, empowered and supported in setting and attaining their school as well as life goals.

Our Success Stories

Year 11 NCC student, Katherine Dodds, won the Pine Rivers RSL Sub-branch Essay Competition with her speech entitled, The Effects of War on Women of the Home Front, and entered the Anzac Premier’s Prize 2017.

Brody Castle and Summer Davidson, two of the high achieving students attending Northpine Christian College, have recently been awarded Highly Commended for the Non-Fiction Prose section of the IEUA-QNT, the English Teachers Association of Queensland, and the James Cook University Literary Competition. Brody also entered and was successful in the first round of interviews for attending the National Youth Science Forum.