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Secondary Week of Worship Highlights

Monday, 30/03/2020 Posted by: Tammy Howse

Week of Worship at Northpine Christian College was definitely a wow week. Students were blessed to have world-renowned speaker for teens, Pr Wazza. Returning to our college where he worked as a chaplain 10 years ago, Pr Wazza presented the theme for the week, NXT LVL (Next Level). Students from Years 7-12, no matter where their walk with God was at, were challenged as he presented, what going to the next level looks like. By the end of the week students were called to consider Bible studies, service, leadership and baptism. Students signed up so they could go to the next level. Pr Wazza was supported by the students for the students as they led out in worship through music and drama.

As chaplains there is nothing more amazing then seeing students lean in and be blessed by these weeks. We were overwhelmed by the response of the students wanting to be a part of the program and serve. Nothing warms the soul more than seeing students grow in confidence as they lead their peers to a closer walk with Jesus. Some gave their heart to the Lord for the first time. Others wanted to learn how to share Jesus with their friends. It all culminated on the Friday when we witnessed over 80 -100 students stay and worship God through their lunch break in music and prayer. That was so amazing, so wow, so fantastic, so blessed. Young people of Northpine, you are the best!
Neil Redman Chaplain – Northpine Christian College
Photo Credit: Charmaine Patel – Sth QLD Conference