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“Sound Off For Schools” Education Program

Wednesday, 31/07/2019 Posted by: Marketing

On 18 July, Year 10 Sport and Recreations class began the first practical lesson with external provider Sound Off For Schools. According to Sound Off For Schools’ website, these sessions are “grounded in the emerging research and practices of Mind, Brain and Education Science. We believe the learning landscape for our young people is more complex than ever before and by deliberately carving out time and space for young people to come back to their breath and the present moment is the beginning of a silent revolution.”

Northpine’s Head of Health and Physical Education, Mrs Jodie Peet, said, “The work they have done and feedback I have heard sounds so beneficial for the developing teenage brain and I am excited to bring in this new revolution of tuning out from the world and tuning in to themselves.” Northpine has a number of BOSBL (basketball) and Rugby League players in Sports and Recreation class, and she is hoping the program helps the students to manage their energy, biomechanics and improve their focus and attention.

Sound Off For Schools program