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StormForce ADRA Pantry Donations

Thursday, 29/11/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Throughout the school year, the Primary School has been participating in Stormforce Challenges, to serve the local community. Recently, the Stormforce leadership team wanted to challenge the students with something more physical that could show tangible results.

They contacted John Taylor, who coordinates the ADRA Pantry at Pine Rivers Church, to ask about possible donations from students. He indicated that he was always looking for more non-perishable food for the pantry. Not long after, the Primary School students began bringing non-perishable food donations to their classes.

On Tuesday, 20 November, John and his team visited the Infant and Junior Schools during their chapels to talk about where their donations were going. All of the food items were put on the stage. We are proud of all of the students’ willingness to give, as the sheer number of donations was impressive when added together. We hope that these lessons in service will continue to inspire our students to serve and give to others less fortunate.

Stormforce ADRA Donations Stormforce ADRA Donations Stormforce ADRA Donations