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Year 7

Year 7 Organised Acts of Kindness

Thursday, 22/08/2019 Posted by: Marketing

On Wednesday, August 7, students in the Year 7 Challenge OAK (Organised Acts of Kindness) class were presented with an opportunity to serve others by helping to …

Year 6 to 7 Transition Day

Thursday, 25/07/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Yr 7 Challenge – New Beginnings Camp

Thursday, 25/07/2019 Posted by: Marketing

OAK Challenge – Aged Care Visit

Friday, 05/04/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Students from the Year 7 OAK (Organised Acts of Kindness) Challenge Group have been given the opportunity to actively serve in our community this term by visiting …

Year 7 Parent Evening

Thursday, 24/01/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Year 7 Social Media Incursion

Monday, 18/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Lucy, the enthusiastic presenter for the Digital Thumbprint Program, visited the Year 7 classes on Friday 1 June and chatted with the students about a topic close …