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Teacher Feature #6

Monday, 31/07/2017 Posted by: Marketing

The Teacher Feature is meant to highlight our current teachers. We have an amazingly diverse staff and we encourage you to get to know them!

Kylie Jensen

Kylie Jensen

  1. What class or classes do you teach?

I teach Year 5.

  1. How long have you been working at Northpine?

I came to Northpine in 2014.

  1. How did you first discover you wanted to be a teacher?

Our mum had a rule that if you didn’t know what you wanted to do when you finished school you had to go to university and study teaching (it worked for two of us).

  1. Where are you originally from?

Born in Bundaberg, grew up on a farm. When I was in primary school, my parents decided to become missionaries in the South Pacific. Yes, I have lived the dream by living on a tropical island!

  1. What might we be surprised to know about you?

I don’t like playing competitive sport because I like to win.

  1. If you could time travel, where and when would you go?

I think that I would like a place in time where you can live life the way you wish without worrying about finances, work, world crisis … aka let’s go to heaven and laze on a beach, climb mountains and hang out with Jesus.

  1. What’s one great book or movie you’ve read or seen recently?

I watched the movie Lion over the holidays. I enjoy watching movies based on true events.

  1. Which person, directly or indirectly, has inspired you the most?

I have a supportive family that does anything for anyone. My Aunty Rose is a very giving, caring, and spiritual person who has encouraged me throughout my life. She will even come on STORM Co trips when we need her.

  1. What is the most beautiful place you have ever been?

I enjoyed the views in Canada from the top of a slope and having all day to ‘play’.

  1. What is the best advice that you can give to your students?

Seek God. Love God. Serve God.