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Teacher Feature #8

Monday, 21/08/2017 Posted by: Marketing

The Teacher Feature is meant to highlight our current teachers. We have an amazingly diverse staff and we encourage you to get to know them!

Teacher Natalie Hamilton

Natalie Hamilton

  1. What class or classes do you teach?

The best class in the school… Year 4A.

  1. How long have you been working at Northpine? 

7 years, give or take a term or two!

  1. How did you first discover you wanted to be a teacher? 

I fell in love with teaching after my first practicum. At first teaching was going to be my ‘back up’ job. After one week in the classroom, I felt called to the ministry of teaching!

  1. Where are you originally from? 

I was born in Lismore, NSW.

  1. What might we be surprised to know about you? 

I love watching Bollywood movies!

  1. If you could time travel, where and when would you go? 

Ancient Greece. I love the history of democracy, plus I look great in a peplos. But then again, I do love modern civilizations’ hygiene practices…

  1. What’s one great book or movie you’ve read or seen recently? 

10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes by Mem Fox… yep, you read that right….the only reading I do at home these days is for my 14month old son. I do love the message of acceptance and harmony that this book promotes though!

  1. Which person, directly or indirectly, has inspired you the most? 

My mother. She is the most welcoming, loving and down-to-earth person. She makes the most of each day and is a comforter, motivator and inspiration.

  1. What is the most beautiful place you have ever been? 

Italy (Amalfi Coast or Venice especially) and I love the history, culture and Aegean!

  1. What is the best advice that you can give to your students? 

Never give up. Do not judge yourself by your successes or failures, but by your ability to get back up after your mistakes. God loves you and so do I.