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Up On Display

Thursday, 18/02/2021 Posted by: Tammy Howse

The artwork, created during NAIDOC Week 2020, is now on display in the foyer of the Library and ITC space for all to see and enjoy.

This artwork was designed and painted by Mrs Lauren Fraser, our Primary Sports Coordinator. It illustrates the journey taken by our students through their primary years.

Starting on the left hand side there are seven large white circles connected to each other by three white lines across the painting. Each of these circles represents a year level: Prep – Year 6. Inside each circle is a fingerprint from each student in that grade during 2020. The circles are connected by three lines, representing the three streams for each year level, the three teachers guiding them on that journey from one year to the next, and the Holy Trinity that connects each of us.

The Year 2 and Year 6 circles are touching, as they mark the end of Infant school and Junior school. These sections of the art work were created using white paint to represent purity. The background spaces between these circles are divided into eight differently coloured patterns, each representing a different style of learning by our students. Several of the patterns depict marine life for our proximity to the bay.

It was such a wonderful way for Primary students and staff to celebrate NAIDOC week in 2020 together.  We pray it serves as a reminder to all that we truly are one people, both in this great nation and in the eyes of God.

The artwork features students fingerprints in each circle.

Designed and Painted by Mrs Lauren Fraser – Primary Sports Coordinator