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Year 6 Camp 2018

Wednesday, 14/11/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Excitement bubbled over as 83 adventurous young students gathered, with bags of equipment, ready to board the buses to go to Camp Somerset, for the Annual Year 6 camp to close out their time in Primary School.  Some were no strangers to the campsite, but for others it was their first time making use of the well designed and appointed campground.

Year 6 Camp Archery

The theme of the camp was ‘Teamwork’, along with the challenge of pushing the goalpost past that which had already been experienced. Many students found that fear can be ‘conquered’, with the assistance of a supportive team. Others found that they were capable of more than they thought, as they took part in Raft-building, Canoeing, the Koala Climb, Archery, Pool Pontoon and the Flying Fox.

This was the largest group of Year 6 students to go to this camp, and it is a big thanks to the Somerset Camp staff, Northpine staff and the cooks, that a very enjoyable time was had by all. (Yes, 83 tired but happy youngsters were returned to school on Friday afternoon.)

Year 6 Camp flying fox Year 6 camp water slide Year 6 camp students