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Year 7 Organised Acts of Kindness

Thursday, 22/08/2019 Posted by: Marketing

On Wednesday, August 7, students in the Year 7 Challenge OAK (Organised Acts of Kindness) class were presented with an opportunity to serve others by helping to set up a community garden at the North Pine Baptist Church, in Murrumba Downs.

At the beginning of the term, students spent time brainstorming how they could help and spread kindness in our local community. One student suggested the idea of helping out with the establishment of this garden.

Students gardening

Once fully established, the community garden will offer people in our local neighbourhood a space to grow their own vegetables and build community with each other.

Students helped by setting up new garden beds, transferring dirt to fill the garden beds and even building a scarecrow.

Many students appreciated the opportunity to serve and suggested that helping others was the best way to start out their day.

Students making a scarecrow Students gardening Year 7 Organised Acts of Kindness Student gardening Year 7 Organised Acts of Kindness