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Year 8 Challenge – Invictus Networking Event

Thursday, 13/06/2019 Posted by: Marketing

On Tuesday 4 June, the Year 8 students took part in their first Challenge – Invictus Networking event – a Revolving Bonfire Night.  This social occasion gave students the opportunity to put the skills they have learned during this term into practice during an enjoyable evening together.

A number of bonfires were set up on a private property where activities took place that reinforced the qualities of Empathy, Teamwork, Character and Personal Strength. The staff involved were able to witness the students stepping up to the challenges, working together and putting the skills into practice.

Our Year 12 Students, Shavneil Datt and Sam Johnston, also attended the event as filmmakers, who were able to showcase their short film at the end, bringing the successful event to a close. You can find the video below.