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Year 9 Outdoor Ed Canoe Expedition

Wednesday, 21/03/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Well, it was a jam-packed trip with a 6km paddle to start the canoe expedition on the Upper Noosa River. On 8-9 March, students braved the wind and rain to complete a further 14km of walking on their first day to the stunning “sandpatch” which brought not only amazing views but also more rain and high winds. Their efforts were rewarded with some super fun sand dune sliding on their specially designed sand sleds (their laminated maps). A weary crew arrived back at camp and crashed warm and snug in their tents to weather the night out only to awake to another action packed day of paddling and jumping out of trees. Their final component was the 800 vertical metre climb up Mt Cooroora to more breath taking views at the top! A true adventure for all!

Year 9 Canoe Expedition Year 9 Canoe Expedition