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Principal’s Welcome
Northpine Christian College exists to serve the community, providing quality education in a genuine Christian environment. This is outlined clearly in our Mission Statement, which confirms our purpose to provide a God-centred, supportive educational environment in which students can reach their potential and find value in a life of service to God and the community.

an environment in which you can make a difference

Being a student at Northpine is more than just attending classes and completing homework. It involves being immersed in a holistic educational process, which not only develops academic performance, but also places a strong emphasis on the social, spiritual and physical well-being.

Your child is an important and unique individual who can be safe and flourish in the caring and collaborative atmosphere of our college. Though Northpine Christian College continues to grow and develop, it remains committed to maintaining a focus on valuing each child. Presently, the College has a student population of over 900 from Preparatory to Year 12.  As the College continues to grow, it is our intention to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of educational practice, thus offering your child the very best in Christian education.

God Bless