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Northpine Christian College is a technologically rich environment. Our Information & Communications Technology (ICT) centre exists to support teaching and learning and facilitate efficient and effective administration. ICT includes classroom display technology, digital learning resources and networked technology such as online learning environments and devices.

where you will gain knowledge in this consumer-driven and technology enabled world

Northpine ICT resources are intended to complement and support the delivery of the curriculum from Prep to Year 12, as well as providing staff and students with access to and competency in the most up-to-date ICT resources (hardware and software). Whilst the School supports and encourages the use of ICT in the delivery and preparation of lessons, it is understood that there are a range of other tools that teachers will draw upon in order to produce inspirational and excellent teaching. Thus Northpine’s curriculum is enhanced by ICT and not driven by it; our philosophy is that technology complements learning but does not dictate how it occurs.

Northpine Christian College is blessed with a flexible and enhancing one-to-one laptop program, with all students in Years 7-12 having access to a ‘take-home’ personal computer and students in Year 6 being able to use an ‘in-class only’ personal computer.

Every Northpine teacher endeavours to provide a 21st century learning environment that is engaging, innovative, creative, technology-rich and easy to manage. Class laptops are shared between primary classrooms to assist students with everyday school life.  Regular computer lessons for Primary age students occur in our Primary Computer Lab to further advance their computer literacy.

Secure high speed wired and wireless networks operate to support authentic learning experiences; anywhere, anytime, however parents can rest assured that student access is safe and monitored at all times.

In addition, sets of laptops and tablets provide staff and students with the flexibility to work individually or collaboratively, in the classroom or outside, online or offline.