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Secondary Co-Curricular

Northpine Christian College offers a wide variety of sports and other physical activities for High School students in our Secondary Co-Curricular Sporting Program.

District & Regional Sport

Swimming, Cross-Country, Athletics and most other popular team and individual sports are offered as part of the school’s association with Pine Rivers District, which provides competition pathways to Metropolitan North Sport and then State levels. All individual and team sports aside from Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics will need to be entered via tryouts at various times of the year.


The Adventist Schools Sports Association (ASSA) has been a high level competition and one that Northpine continues to dominate in many areas of sport in particular Basketball. There is a strong focus for performance in this avenue with teams going through a rigorous selection process and at least 5 months of training prior to each competition.


Basketball at the College continues to provide students with the opportunity to participate in the BOSBL (Brisbane Outer Schools Basketball League) and the strong Northpine Basketball weekly competition. The college continue to broaden students’ sporting opportunities and grow both the girls and boy’s teams.

Inter-house Competitions

One of the biggest aspects of the sporting program at Northpine is the inter-house competitions. The three houses compete in four major carnivals in the year including; swimming, athletics, cross-country running and triathlon/adventure race. These carnivals are very competitive with the rivalry providing a fantastic platform to bring the Secondary community together. Along with the four major carnivals students compete in lunchtime competitions throughout the year in order to gain points for the overall house champions.