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Primary Curricular
At Northpine Christian College all primary students are encouraged to participate in our Primary Curricular sporting program which provides opportunities in a wide range of activities to improve their fitness, co-ordination and gross motor skills.


Prep – Year 2 engage in a number of units throughout the year such as co-operation and team building games, rope skipping, variety of ball games and gymnastics. Our Infants also participate in weekly sports including T-ball, Fitness Games, Soccer, Skipping, Target Games, Modified Hockey and a variety of ball games.

Within the Physical Education classroom, students in Prep-Year 2, primarily focus on the introduction and development of Fundamental Motor Skills. These abilities underpin the essential skills that make up many of the major games that they will be introduced to in coming years. These skills include catching, overarm throwing, kicking, basketball dribbling, forehand strike, racquet and ball control activities. Complimenting these skills, the students will participate in individual, group and minor games that allow them to build on their locomotor skills, such as running, skipping, jumping, hopping, leaping and dodging.

Students are exposed to a wide variety of sports and physical activities in their PE lessons. This provides them with the basic skills required to pursue a sport or activity that may interest them later.


Year 3-6 students complete a beep test as part of their fitness assessment and also have the chance to participate in a number of fitness-based classes throughout the year.

Students engage in a number of team sports each week in Terms 2 and 3, including Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Movement to music, Aerobics and Cricket. A game sense approach to these sports helps consolidate their skills and helps them become more tactical in their approach to each sport.

During the first and fourth terms our primary school students participate in weekly swimming lesson in our College pool and are instructed by fully accredited swimming coaches. The swimming program is structured according to year levels where students are introduced to and have techniques refined in the following strokes –  freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke, whilst continuing to work on their dives, turns and finishes. Children also learn valuable survival skills including entries, strokes and general water safety.