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Northpine Christian College gives students in Years 7 to 9 a unique sense of belonging while meeting the specific learning, physical and social needs of students in this age group.

where you will feel challenged to explore beyond the classroom

Our Middle School students are developing confidence, each with their own special talents. We recognise that they learn in diverse ways and at different rates. Our classes encourage close interaction and genuine collaboration between the students and staff.

We also recognise that the Middle School years are a time of physical and emotional development. At this stage of their lives – as our students develop greater independence and reflect on who they are and where they belong – we recognise the importance of and strive to foster a strong sense of self-worth and belonging.

Students are encouraged to discover their personal interests and develop their full potential through a balanced, up-to-date and relevant curriculum, which covers the core learning areas along with providing opportunities to experience a range of electives. Key Learning Areas such as Digital Media and initiatives such as dynamic streaming ensure each student  has the opportunity of learning at their own pace as well as developing into capable digital citizens.

Through our engaging and unique programs such as Challenge and GLAD (Growing Learning and Academic Development) as well as ‘The High Achieving Students’ Program, our students are encouraged to recognize that success requires a commitment to life-long learning, team work and self-regulated learning.

*Challenge Program – students select 4 subjects, 1 per term from the following; Basketball Club, Bush/Backpack & Bike, Davinci Code, Go Animate, Story Time, Theatre Sports, Robotics, Try- Training


Northpine Christian College caters for students with a variety of abilities and interests by providing strong co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. From community service based programs to public speaking, singing, performing and music programs, academic competitions, mountain bike activities, debating, Duke of Edinburgh, school sports and sporting clubs, district, regional and state sporting competitions and more.