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Challenge Programs
The Challenge Program at Northpine is about the wellbeing and development of our students.

Students are explicitly taught to engage with their own psychology, their environment and each other. By the end of their schooling and beyond we want our students to live with an empowered sense of purpose and kindness in the way they interact with themselves, the physical world and others. Through this journey students will be given the opportunity to challenge themselves in a variety of different aspects of life that will foster a greater sense of self, awareness of the world around them, along with a deeper understanding of who God is and how He can be a part of their lives.

Our Challenge Program extends across Years 7, 8 and 9 and are integrated subjects in the school timetable and calendar. The program facilitates learning activities and experiences that lead students to harness skills and ways of thinking that will promote resilience, responsibility, respect and overall wellbeing for the rest of their lives. The content draws on the research of Dr Martin Seligman in Positive Psychology and a number of other leading academics, ensuring that the framework is evidence-based and philosophically robust. It combines outdoor education, mastery, positive psychological development and service activities to encourage participants to develop an outlook that enables them to live lives defined by self-confidence, curiosity, empathy and compassion. All aspects of the program draw from the wisdom that can be found in the Bible so that students will know that God is part of their identity and is a guide and friend throughout their journey of life.

Challenge – New Beginnings (Year 7)

Our New Beginnings program is designed to engage students in a meaningful and holistic life in areas such as:

  • Skills—develop personal interests and skills
  • Physical Activity—participate in activities for healthy living
  • Service—be involved and help in our community
  • Adventurous Journey—develop a sense of adventure and discover new surroundings

Students rotate each term through a variety of modules which include: Mountain Biking, Basketball, The Challenge Café, Organised Acts of Kindness (OAK), Robotics and The Eden Project.

Challenge – Invictus (Year 8)

The name ‘Invictus’ is Latin for unconquerable. The Invictus program is built around four elements: Network, Master, Journey and Serve. Each is thoughtfully created to cover a wide range of issues and build the global competencies of the future.

This program explicitly teaches students the Positive Psychology PERMA-V framework of Dr Martin Seligman with the intent to have students learn to understand their own emotions and how to cope with them, how to find and maintain resilient relationships and that each individual is strong, curious, compassionate and powerful.

During each element students are invited to take part in a significant memory event that epitomises the life lessons learnt in that segment of the curriculum.

Challenge – The Next Step (Year 9)

The Philosophy of The Next Step is to assist in the development of respect, resilience and responsibility.

It is intentionally aimed at Year 9 students for their development through a changing and challenging time of their lives. We believe that we cannot grow without challenges and it is through them that we learn.

The program is gender specific which allows for some focused discussions about the journey of becoming a man or woman as well as being Bible-based giving a solid foundation for their beliefs and values to be based on. It aims to walk students through a year of developmental awareness to equip them with the characteristics that are needed to not only survive in this world but to make a positive contribution. It encourages the role of mentors as extra guidance in the life of each student.

Through challenges, discussion and reflection, growth occurs. As teachers and parents, it is important to be intentional about developing young people into the adults of the future.