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Meet our wonderful chaplaincy team that oversees the pastoral care, spiritual development of our students and staff, co-ordinates chapel programs, and as a team they also direct Refresh – Northpine Community Church!

where you can develop a holistic approach to life that is spiritually fulfilling

Pastor Neil joined Northpine Christian College in 2011, coming from a youth ministry background. He brings an enthusiasm for service to others and passion to ignite this in our school students.

Pastor Rick Meale joined the team in 2020.  Pr Rick has previously worked in youth ministry, with a desire to see young people grow and mature in their character and personal journey with Jesus.

Chaplaincy is privileged to have a number of other part time staff who support our students and programs. Philippa Matheson, Sharyn Harrington, Sarah Redman and Pastor Sean Berkeley – Pastor of Refresh Northpine Community Church.

Their holistic approach to chaplaincy provides students with a supportive environment and creates spiritual awareness demonstrated through the desire to be of service to God and humanity. They seek to provide opportunity for students to establish and develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

I have no doubt that God is at work in our school. It’s an incredible job that lets you share the lives of young people and see their lives change as they are supported, nurtured and given the opportunity to serve others!

Neil Redman, Chaplain

Northpine Christian College has a mission to provide a God-centred, supportive educational environment in which students can reach their potential to find value in a life of service to God and the community.

enhancing the emotional, social, physical and moral wellbeing of our students


Maintaining the wellbeing of our students is a primary concern at Northpine Christian College. This is developed and encouraged within a climate where students and staff respect the rights and values of others.

Pastoral care is based on a deep respect for the dignity and uniqueness of the individual person as we are all made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).  Our pastoral care is designed to develop self-worth in our students and encourages students to participate and lead in serving others.

Our College aims to provide a strong sense of wellbeing, belonging and security, that affirms students in their dignity and worth, assists students to achieve their full potential physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

The Chaplaincy Team can help students

  • Build positive relationships with parents and teachers
  • Strengthen social and friendship skills
  • Find support in times of crisis and make links to additional supportive services in the community



College administration, teachers, support staff and chaplains all contribute to the spiritual life of the College. The pastoral ministries are designed to develop a spiritual awareness among students and to challenge them to develop a personal faith experience, to build a life-time trust in God and a genuine love for all people.

An extensive Chaplaincy Program aims to support the needs of the Northpine community, working with teachers, year level co-ordinators, and professional counsellors to provide the nurture and care each student requires.

The development of student leaders is facilitated through the Chaplaincy Program, with opportunities for community service, presenting church programs, and involvement in the active Student Representative Council.

Students are taught to apply Biblical principles to everyday life through the development of Christian values and morals. Religious Education is an integral part of our curriculum and students are encouraged to challenge and discuss spiritual and moral issues.

The Chaplaincy ministries include:

  • Weekly chapel programs
  • Individual and group Bible studies
  • Community service projects
  • School camps
  • Annual spiritual emphasis events
  • Home visitation