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Refresh Community Church

we are all born with God-given gifts

Welcome to Refresh

All students and their families are invited to our community church, Refresh. It is a welcoming, vibrant and supportive environment where we come together in worship.  Our community church provides an opportunity for our students, parents and their families to deepen their knowledge of the Bible and to become part of the SDA community of faith.

Refresh Church Meets each Saturday Morning at 9:45 for Breakfast and at 10:30 Church Begins. The worship takes place every Saturday in the College’s Performing Arts Centre, starting with a light breakfast followed by a casual program of spiritual conversations and music. With familiar songs and gospel messages, Refresh has attracted many people within our community who are looking for a place to meet each other and to establish a relationship with God.

Meet the Pastor


After working as a Northpine chaplain for the last eight years, 2023 brings a shift in focus for Pr Sarah Redman as she steps up to serve as the Refresh Northpine Community Church Pastor. Pr Sarah’s mission as she transitions into this role is that our Campus church will continue to be a safe and welcoming place where people find Jesus, community, love and support.

Stay Updated!

To stay updated on events at our Refresh Church, follow Refresh: Northpine Community Church on Facebook and Instagram or check out the Refresh website.


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