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Matt 14 Soup Kitchen Gets a New Home

Tuesday, 15/05/2018 Posted by: Marketing
Students at Soup Kitchen

On Monday 30 April, the Matt 14 Soup Kitchen began a new chapter. They moved into their new home adjoining the staff common room. The new space has a serving window and an outdoor dining area, freeing the kitchen area for cooking while students wait in a line outside.

Mr Ian Baskin works very hard every day to provide soup to the students. On one day during the week, he was given an envelope from a student with a note on it. Too rushed to read it, he put it aside and continued serving. When lunch was finished, he read the note, which was a simple “Thank you Mr Baskin,” and found five dollars inside. Mr Baskin wants to thank this student for his kindness, as he was so absorbed in his tasks that he doesn’t even remember who handed it to him.

Thank you note from student at Soup Kitchen

Matt 14 Kitchens would also like to say thank you to Principal Graham Baird and the college for making this new home possible, also to Matthew Doyle and Clive Edser for their tireless work in adapting the space for its new function. And lastly, thank you to all the parents and supporters who have enabled Matt 14 Kitchens to function every school day for the last three and a half years!

Students in line at Soup Kitchen Mr Ian Baskin serves student at Soup Kitchen