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Year 10 Work Experience Student Published

Friday, 26/07/2019 Posted by: Marketing

During the final week of Term 2, the Year 10 students had the opportunity to be involved in work experience to help them make decisions for the future. During this time, Northpine student Charlie White worked at Quest Newspapers. Among his assigned tasks were writing two stories. He did not realise that they might be published. In the end, both appeared in local Quest newspapers.

The first was in the Caboolture Herald. He was given a fact sheet for a story about Caboolture State School, and he wrote the story from there. The second was in the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald. This involved contacting a source with questions, and writing the story based on the source’s answers. Both stories were printed with no changes to what Charlie wrote.

Congratulations to Charlie on a fruitful work experience week!

You can find Charlie’s two articles below:

Caboolture Herald, 20 June 2019, far right column

Redcliffe and Bayside Herald, 27 June 2019

If you want to learn more about Northpine’s careers program, you can visit our website at this link or talk to our Careers Coordinator, Mr Sheppard.