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Week of Worship in Babylon

Thursday, 29/03/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Having a ball in Babylon!

Last week was one of my highlights for the year so far, Primary Week of Worship (WOW). All the students and teachers jumped into a time machine every afternoon and ended up in the middle of Daniel’s life back in Babylon. Each class represented an Israelite tribe and entered Babylon through the city columns, led by their flag bearer. The Israelite tribes enjoyed learning the theme song for the week ‘Through it All’ –

The Israelite tribes had two masters, Ah-Choo and Hot-Top. These two characters helped the Israelite tribes grow accustomed to living in Babylon and learning about Daniel’s story through a range of skits, challenges, food and lots of practical jokes!

Pastor Rick Meale took the Israelite tribes on a journey of discovery through the story of Daniel and his friends. Using drama and creative story telling each day, the Israelite tribes experienced Daniel’s selection process, interpreting the King’s dream, the fiery furnace and the lions den. Pastor Rick was able to then link an applicable life lesson from each part of Daniel’s story to their own lives. It was also interesting to hear about Pastor Rick’s amazing life experiences. It was inspiring to see hundreds of students recognise and chant our WOW theme, that no matter what life brings, ‘God is with us’.

As a Chaplaincy Team, we pray that our students at Northpine have been able to connect with their Saviour and gain a blessing from what has been shared during WOW. We look forward to seeing the difference our students will make in the Northpine community as a result of what they have learnt. God is definitely working through our students!

-Simon Hutton, Chaplain