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Monthly Archives: September 2018
Noah writes to prime minister

Year 1 Writes to Prime Minister

Thursday, 20/09/2018 Posted by: Marketing

After driving past a big paddock where he used to ride his motorbike and seeing that it was being developed, Year 1 student Noah was determined to …

Darian on his horse

First Place Horse Cutting in Year 8

Thursday, 20/09/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Darian Alloway, Year 8, competes in professional Horse Cutting, as a one hand cutter at the Beaudesert Cutting & Western Performance Club. On Sunday 16 September, Darian …

Class of 2008 Reunion

Class of 2008 Reunion

Wednesday, 19/09/2018 Posted by: Marketing

As the Class of 2008 gathered in the Staff Common Room for their 10 Year Reunion on Saturday night 15 September, their spirits were high. Timothy Simpson …

Paeds in a Pod, healthy lifestyle

How to Make a Healthy Lunchbox

Tuesday, 18/09/2018 Posted by: Marketing

Hi everyone! My name is Danielle Savic and I am a dietitian and paediatric dietitian working for Eat Smart Nutrition and Paeds in a Pod. I will …

Primary Choir Performance

Sing for Joy Choir Performance

Friday, 14/09/2018 Posted by: Marketing

On Tuesday 4 September the Melodious Voices Choir—under the direction of Mrs Catherine Wiggill—performed at a Sing for Joy Music Performance, organised by Genesis Christian College. The …

Ashleigh, Rugby Ref

Northpine Student Doubles as Rugby Ref

Wednesday, 12/09/2018 Posted by: Marketing

On 29 August, Year 9 student Ashleigh Young was selected to officiate for the Karyn Murphy Cup, a girls Rugby League tournament for year levels 5-12. Teams …