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Yr 6 Camp

Wednesday, 23/10/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Prep 2020 Orientation

Monday, 21/10/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Best of Bands Concert 2019

Tuesday, 17/09/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Recently, our Music Department hosted a Best of the Bands concert with performances from our Beginner Band, Primary Concert Band and High School Band. The audience was …

ASSA Primary Athletics Day

Monday, 16/09/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Northpine Kids “Tidy Up” for Charity

Monday, 09/09/2019 Posted by: Marketing

During the week of 26-30 August, the Primary School completed their Stormforce service project for the term. Children were challenged to spend time with a family member, …

Child Protection Week

Monday, 02/09/2019 Posted by: Marketing