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Middle/Senior Week of Worship

Wednesday, 03/04/2019 Posted by: Marketing

On the 11 – 15 of March, Northpine held their Annual Middle & Senior Week of Worship (WOW). This year’s theme was ‘Remote Control,’ which delved into some confronting conversations about the aspects of our lives that influence our character, emotions and decisions, leading us to question ‘what really controls us?’

We were very blessed to have Orrani Fatnowna speak to us during the week and are very thankful that she took time out of her studies to come and spend time with us. Orrani shared many helpful strategies and advice on how to create and build a relationship with God and covered the topics of lust, anger, opinions and negativity. She explained how all of these aspects influence the person that you are and how you act.

A fun element of our program – which happened every day – was the inclusion of “The World’s Greatest TV Game Show”, named ‘Where’s The Remote?’, which starred the renowned co-hosts, Matt Underfoot and Rick Liner, played by Chaplain Simon Hutton and Year 10 student Cooper Redman. Each day, a new episode was performed with different games, which featured ‘volunteers’ (who were chosen by a random generator) from each grade, who were then required to compete against each other, earning point towards their year level. Congratulations to Year 11, the overall winners of the game show competition, who will be rewarded with a pancake lunch!

Week of Worship

Our students will agree that one of the most inspiring parts of Week of Worship was the music! This year, we were blessed to have so many talented and hardworking musicians who dedicated their time to making the worship the best it could be. A big thank-you to all those on the music team – your hard work and passion definitely inspires us!

During WOW, students were challenged to step out in faith and take the next step in developing their relationship with Jesus. The response to this was incredible! Nearly 200 students declared that they want to continue to grow their relationship with God. Over 70 of these students signed up for Bible Studies and not only that—over 50 students took a true leap of faith by wanting to learn more about baptism. This has really inspired us, the spiritual leaders of Northpine, and we are super excited to see the students of Northpine grow in their own spiritual journeys throughout the year. A MASSIVE thank you to all the students and speakers who volunteered their time to making Week of Worship amazing! We really appreciate your involvement and passion to serve others and cannot wait for all the exciting things to happen in the coming terms!

-Chelsea & Sam – Spiritual Prefects 🙂

Week of Worship Week of Worship