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Parents and Friends Association Vegepods

Tuesday, 26/06/2018 Posted by: Marketing

The High School Science Department is excited about the delivery of six new Vegepods, thanks to the financial support and organisation of the P&F Committee.

Vegepod assembly

Gardens create a wonderful learning environment. (see The Eden Project Flourishes). However, outdoor plants are exposed to a wide range of conditions. Vegepod gardening will enable students to study plant growth and quality in a separate environment under controlled conditions.

Vegepod assembly

Each pod comes with a mesh cover to protect from UV and pests. The cover will also help manage temperature by allowing water and air to penetrate. Biology classes will be able to use data logging equipment to record air and soil temperature, soil moisture and pH, light intensity and other factors that relate to plant growth.

Vegepod assembly

Mr Chester’s Year 9 Challenge class helped to assemble the first two pods. The planned site for the Vegepods is currently being prepared and should hopefully be ready for use at the start of next term.

To kick-start the growing program, one of the pods has been planted with basil, parsley, coriander, thyme, mint, chives, sage and oregano seeds and seedlings. It is intended that this herb garden will be available for use by Home Economics students in their cooking next term.

Vegepods were purchased from Millers Mitre 10 in Narangba and their assistance in this project is appreciated.

Vegepod potting mix Vegepod