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Northpine Commended on Academic Success

Friday, 22/02/2019 Posted by: Marketing

Northpine Christian College received encouraging news from Andrew Laming, Federal Member of Parliament (MP) and Chair of the Australian House of Representatives Education, Employment and Training Committee. He wrote to congratulate the college on the academic performance of Northpine’s class of 2018.

Using analysis of high school gain, which involves comparing OP data publicly released over the weekend by the QCAA with baseline Myschool Year 9 NAPLAN scores from 2015, MP Laming stated, “I appreciate that even though no single number captures the school or student journey, the gains achieved by last year’s cohort places Northpine Christian College in the top 5% of the 370 Queensland high schools that produced more than ten OP graduates”. He went on to say that “The methodology of measuring gain over time between two independent datasets is the best that can be achieved with publicly available data. Gain is a far more powerful metric than snapshots because it tells us something of the school journey. It removes the advantage that wealthy schools have because these institutions are more likely to enrol advantaged students to start with.”

The college is encouraged by this information because, according to MP Laming, “The shift to ATAR for the classes of 2020 will lead to these gain metrics applying to the top two thirds of students, meaning schools whose efforts target lower performing students will be more clearly recognised than occurs currently.” This method of analysis is a useful measure to compare school academic results more equitably.

These outstanding results reflect the efforts of Northpine teachers and students that are seldom reflected in public analysis. The college believes this gain can be attributed to a student-focused learning culture supported by carefully implemented programs such as ASPM (Academic Success Peer Mentoring), GLAD (Growing Learning and Academic Development) and HAS (High Achieving Students)—designed to support improved student learning outcomes.